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General information

Second wine growing estate of the Jura with 58 hectares, the Rolet Estate, a family business, is today one of the finest vineyard in this region. An original vineyard with specific soils from the lias and the trias where happily blossoms quality grape varieties : The Chardonnay, base for Jura white wines, the Savagnin, the grape variety of the prestigious Vin Jaune (or " Yellow Wine "), the Poulsard and the Pinot Noir, a set of greatly renowned varieties. With a know-how to conciliate tradition and modernism, precursors in the Jura of single red variety vintage and whites of great typicity, the Rolet family offers all the richness of the land through a large palette of their production from the appellation of Arbois and Côtes du Jura : White, Rosé, Red, Vin Jaune, Vin de Paille, Marc, Macvin and Crémant. All these vintages have been specially noticed by the professional press and are suited to satisfy the keenest of connoisseur

Désiré, Pierre, Bernard, Guy and Eliane Role

Désiré, Pierre, Guy and Eliane Rolet.

Wine growing and commercial activity
Second wine estate of the Jura, we only harvest, mature and sell our own production.

The Jura wine growing area has very specific soils : Red and blue marls for the Poulsard ; Rich gravels and warm soils par excellence for the Trousseau ; Light marls for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir ; Grey marls for the Savagnin.

60 hectares divided between the A.O.C. of Arbois, Côtes du Jura and L'Etoile. 

From 15 to 50 hl/ha depending on the appellation and the vintage.
A very low yield for the Vin Jaune and the Vin de Paille.

Grape variety
Chardonnay 34% ; Savagnin 21% ; Poulsard 21% ; Trousseau 10% ; Pinot Noir 13%.

Main Appellation
Arbois, Côtes du Jura, l'Etoile

Matured in oak casks during 18 to 24 months, this wine exibits a beautiful light robe.
Subttle tannins amongst flavors of red fruits such as wild cherries. Specific to Jura, this very well balanced wine can be laid down to age for 15 years or more.

Belgique, Allemagne, Suisse, Angleterre

Private clientele, catering and specialised shops represent the majority of our business and we
have a small export market.

The local " terroir " allows for the elaboration of a large range of vintages thanks to the diversity of its grape varieties.
Our " Domaine " offers the following products : Arbois, Blanc, Rosé, single variety vintage and blended vintage ; Vin Jaune and Vin de Paille ; Macvin and Crémant ;Côtes du Jura Chardonnay and Chardonnay-Savagnin, Rosé and Red ; And very soon Etoile Blanc.

Seek for our awards given for our 1999 and 2000 wines.

Annual production
350.000 bottles