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A family story


An Estate which reflects the image of an ever-changing Jura and family enterprise, this Estate was created in the early 40's by Désiré Rolet.
Today, his children have taken over and share the various responsibilities of the management of the Estate, Bernard and Guy take care of the vines and vinification; Pierre and Eliane are in charge of marketing, each one of them working with a view to the final objective of a wine-grower : the passion of obtaining, depending on the vintage the quintessence of the grappe knowing that wine starts being made in the vineyard.

Furstentum.jpgWith modern air-conditioned wine-making plant where stainless steel vats, new barrels and oak casks are next to each other, from grape picking to bottling, we apply all of our know-how to the making of highly renowned vintages..



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With its 60 hectares distributed over the best hills of the Arbois and Côtes du Jura AOC vineyards,
the Rolet Estate is the second wine-growing concern in the Jura.

A harmonious vineyard:

- 35 hectares of Arbois AOC on the Arbois and Montigny communes where Poulsard red vine varieties on blue and red marls are dominant, Trousseau on the thick gravel soils, especially warm ground, 35 hectares where young plants are placed side by side with the first plantations of the Estate, nearly fifty years of age in the famous places of "Gaillard, Chagnon, L'Euvrin, Vauxelles, Chateau-Gimont, le Moulin" in the Montigny commune and "Montesserin" in Arbois.

- 20 hectares in Côtes du Jura AOC where white vine varieties
are dominant, Chardonnay and Savagnin, on very specific native soils with liassic gray marls of Voiteur and to a lesser extent, Poulsard and Pinot Noir on the steep foothills of the Grandvaux in Passenans.
The complexity of such a diversity of vine varieties is the result of our permanent concern for finding the best combination of soils, under-soils and vine varieties.