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Domaine Rolet Arbois Tradition 2007
Advanced controlled oxidation here; in Sherry terms, it's at Manzanilla Pasada stage, with powerful almond/hazelnut aromas. On the palate, there's a little core of sweet peach fruit around which the savory, nutty, even medicinal flavors are built. This is pretty hard-core stuff, but it is refreshing, harmonious, and complex. 17

Bright mid-gold. Ascent of rice gruel, and almost of sake; a hint of yeasty Marmite; even something that has the moistly bready presence of flor, and then the pippins, too, and the citrus pith: so much here, so unusual, possibly so divisive. It's not a scent about which you'd immediately exclaim. "How lovely!" You have to decide if you like it first, and if you do, then you are likely to like it more and more on repeat sniffs. Fresh, tangy, and lively on the palate. You can find all the same notes, faithfully arrayed; and you will need to go throught the same interrogations. Perhaps it is just a little lighter than some of the pure Savagnins, but very detailed and good. 16,5

This has a full-blown flor-affected Fino Sherry nose: savory, bready, and tangy. Tangy flavors of acetaldehyde and almond. Seems hight in acidity, but that may be the acetaldehyde. Lovely, refreshing, savory, very much in the tradition of flor-affected wines. Length is considerable, with savory, tangy, almost Marmitey intensity, giving way eventually to gently almondy flavor. 17,5